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Commissioned Artwork

GINNY HARDING  personally welcomes private commissions for original art of her client's own athlete or beloved pet. (Almost every image on this site was reproduced from an original private commission!)

  • The artist works with each client personally to create the desired look.
  • Cost of all original pieces INCLUDES FRAMING.
  • Cost is determined by SIZE of IMAGE. 
  • MONTAGE is this artist's signature style, and finished piece may include multiple images  at no extra charge. 
  • All original art is museum mounted and matted in 100% cotton with brass title plate.
  • Custom framing in unique quality moulding that compliments the original. 

                    Pricing                   determined by  IMAGE SIZE.

To estimate the over-all finished size of the piece, please add approximately 8" per dimension for mats and frame.

( an 8"x 10" image would be approximately a  16" x18"  finished piece, ready to hang.)

These are standard and popular image sizes only--any size or combination of dimensions can be worked out between client and artist at time of commission.   

         8" x 10" ---                     $800.00

       11" x 14" ---                    $1,200.00

       16" x 20"----                    $2,500.00

       24" x 30"---                     $3,600.00

        30" x 38"---                     $4,800.00

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